Louli LoBue hOMe

Luxuries for the Modern Bohemian


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I wanted to create a line of luxurious textiles, made in an artisan way and in the USA, printed on natural materials using only eco-friendly dyes and techniques.  I wanted to convey with my designs the essence of the Bohemian life at the turn of the last century. When freedom and joy and art, music, literature and the simple act of creating, were all celebrated in community.  

In my own way, I hope my designs inhabit those ideals, and therefore translate those into every home. 

Visit  Signature Textiles  to shop my collection of Pom Pillows - Bespoke Fashion for the home!    Check out our sample photos that showcase the array of pom colors available with each pattern. 

ALSO SHOP our colorful collection of Bohemian goods for your home --  Lighting, Art, AccentsPillows, Jewelry, Rugs, Poufs, and more!