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Luxuries for the Modern Bohemian

Membership in the Bohemian Collective is free and achieved by signing up for our Newsletter through the Pop Up Window on this site,  or by establishing an account with us.

Once you are a member and continue to receive emails from us, you will receive 1 point for every dollar your spend in our shop.   For every 25 points, you receive $1 dollar of store credit.   

As soon as you reach $25 dollars in store credit, you can elect to use that credit towards a purchase, or just sit back and let it accumulate.   

This program is in beta (its newly launched!), so please expect there might be hiccups along the way and be patient with us!  Feel free to help us make it better by sharing your feedback and ideas!  If for some reason we discontinue the program, we will let you know and give you a chance to use your credits!   Hope you like this idea!  Just another way of making the Collective work both ways. 🌸   Email us :  info@LouliLoBue.com and put POINTS in the subject line!