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Brand Philosophy

Where Style and Soul Connect

My philosophy is that our homes are more than just a collection of things put together to look pretty.  Yes, that is our goal - to make our homes beautiful. But... our homes are so much more.

Our homes are the environments that our bodies inhabit every day. Where we breathe air. Live. Love. Create memories.  It's where our souls reside.   Like nothing other, our environments affect us - our bodies and our moods.  A chaotic home creates chaos inside of us and stress.  Even a cluttered closet can start our days out on the wrong foot.

We spend time making sure our bodies and spiritual lives are healthy - yet somehow, there is a void. We don't really look at our homes in the same way.

The brand Louli LoBue embodies the marriage between the spiritual evolution and the home decor revolution.   Our goal is to design environments using products that are produced responsibly.  To not only bring in a visual delight to your home- but to do it with soft, comfortable, healthy fabrics, easy non-fussy decor - and nothing that is toxic or will off-gas. (no plastics people! nothing artificial!)

When I was creating this collection, material composition came first, then comfort and style.  

As you are shopping from our collection, I want you to be unique, and to choose each piece that speaks to you, gives you butterflies in your belly or makes you go WOW!  I promise everything will play well together when you get them home, we've curated it that way! 

"Perfect" is a word that doesn't exist, and it gives me the willies, so everything you see here is authentic, genuine and real. Don’t be afraid to mix in your grandmother’s hutch, or that piece you can’t part with. Your home is a reflection of you - and that is what makes it beautiful - and bohemian.

So -- as you shop my collection, RELAX-- BE you, be unique, be colorful and choose what you love, knowing each piece is made responsibly from earth-friendly materials, and it will all look amazing together. 

My Story

I started decorating my Mother's house when I was 10.  Completely convinced that our zebra striped sofa (on our red shag carpet) was much better served on the opposite side of the room for TV viewing.  Yes it was the 70's and I still love the sight of shag and zebra -- we don't often see leather padded studded doors anymore but hey, they could come back!

After college, law school and a successful business career working for the world's top companies, my childhood dream became a reality. After Hurricane Wilma desecrated my elderly Uncle Emery’s home in Miami, I undertook the job of completely renovating the house for him. It was to be my first full-scale design project and it’s where I fell in love with design. I submitted photos to Parsons in NYC, and was awarded multiple merit-based scholarships to study in their prestigious interior design program.   Almost immediately, I started doing design projects by word of mouth, and my business grew organically.

My personal evolution has informed so many of my life's decisions; and with time, it came to inform what I wanted to incorporate into my home and my clients’ homes.  I gained a newfound appreciation for health, wellness and a positive mindset; and I became convinced that our homes  - and what we put in them - affect all of these elements of our lives. 

 I work with only naturally derived materials. All my rugs are made from 100% wool. The textiles are made from cotton, hemp and linen, using nontoxic dyes.  I work to appeal to all the senses of my clients — incorporating color, texture, scent, shape and sound to create beautiful environments that make my clients feel energetically connected, peaceful and happy. 

I work to incorporate family heirloom pieces because I believe these are essential to the fabric of our lives, and tell the story of who we are. My interiors are decidedly eclectic, and I believe mixing periods and styles is what makes a home a reflection of its inhabitants.

My vision is about more than making a space look beautiful - my goal is to inspire happiness, peace and positive energy in the lives of my clients.  I create homes to be lived in, which are easy,  collected and curated, and every piece tells a story.  

My process is an easy intuitive one  - I insist on a positive decorating experience for both my client and myself.  Even when things go wrong as they sometimes do, we handle it with kindness, respect and a smile.

I've been blessed with incredible clients from day one in residential and commercial projects ranging from a retail boutique, hair salon and turnkey vacation rentals and residential interiors in NYC, LA, Palm Springs, PA and Miami. 

Enjoy shopping, its been my great pleasure to select these products for you!

Universal Love,


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